Finger Fitness – The Complete Hand Workout by Greg Irwin

Truly an exciting new way to improve the ability of your hands that is both fun and rewarding!

Finger Fitness is a series of exercises designed to enhance hand strength, coordination, finger independence and fine motor response-exercises you can do anywhere, any time. All you need are your hands. And this approach to hand conditioning is a powerful tool for boosting performance and strength in specialized applications, such as playing a musical instrument, typing on a computer or carrying out a delicate surgical procedure.


Enjoyable methods to improve strength and coordination
Five exercises lessons to enhance finger independence dexterity, and agility
Ten fun and easy dance routines to reinforce the lessons learned
The amazing new finger ballet, Ne Mina
Progressively challenging routines that will keep your hands healthy for life!
Basic exercises ideal for use as warm-ups or short breaks in the workplace.

Running Time Approximately 63min