The Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

Jeanette Norden, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Emerita, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, explores how the brain learns and remembers. This video focuses on a discussion of how the brain is organized in general.

These lectures will provide the foundation
information necessary to the understanding
of the lectures which will follow. A special
emphasis will be given to systems in the brain
that underlie learning and memory, attention
and awareness. These introductory lectures
will be followed by a lecture on how different
areas of the brain encode different, specific
types of information—from the phone number
we need only remember for a few minutes or
less to the childhood memories we retain for
a lifetime. We will also address the “mistakes
of memory” which give insight as to how the
brain actually encodes our life experiences.
The last group of lectures in this series will
focus on the many clinical conditions that can
affect different types of learning and memory.
Lastly, we will focus our discussion on the
accumulating evidence that aging need not be
associated with significant memory loss. We
will discuss advancements in neuroscience that
indicate ways to keep your brain healthy as
you age.

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