Symbiosis in Development Book

This unique first edition hardcover of the Symbiosis in Development framework is the first complete handbook and reference manual from theory to practice on sustainable development and societal transitions.

SiD creates a complete language and backbone structure for all aspects associated with sustainable development. This includes systems thinking, the circular economy, natural capital, climate adaptation, and true value costing. Its method combines design thinking with a practical co-creation methods. SiD’s process tools allow a team to innovate new, groundbreaking solutions from A to Z. It connects a wide range of sustainability approaches, including the circular economy, the blue economy, natural capital, design thinking, the Sustainable Development Goals, co-creation, biomimicry, and Impact Design.

Tags: architecture, biomimicry, circularity, complexity, design, economics, energy, engineering, methodologies, problem-solving, project-management, sociology, sustainability, symbiosis, and systems-science

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Format: Book

Creator(s): Tom Bosschaert (

Publication Date: 2019, Sep 4th

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