The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food

Barber explores the evolution of American food from the ‘first plate,’ or industrially-produced, meat-heavy dishes, to the ‘second plate’ of grass-fed meat and organic greens, and says that both of these approaches are ultimately neither sustainable nor healthy. Instead, Barber proposes Americans should move to the ‘third plate,’ a cuisine rooted in seasonal productivity, natural livestock rhythms, whole-grains, and small portions of free-range meat.

Tags: agriculture, ancient-plant-varieties, aquaculture, biology, birds, bluefin-tuna, bread, butter, cooking, culture, diversity, ecology, farm-to-table, fishing, flavor, food, genetics, grains, health, heirloom-seeds, land, nose-to-tail-eating, nutrition, overfishing, resilience, restaurants, seafood, seeds, soil, sustainability, waste, weeds, and wheat

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Format: Book

Creator(s): Dan Barber (

Publication Date: 2014, Jan 1st

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